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How will AEDO and NAEDO be influenced once DebiCheck comes into effect?

Both of these product offerings will be phased out over a period of time. Merchants will be able to move their term loans on both the AEDO and NAEDO platforms over to the DebiCheck platform during the specified migration period. This will ensure that merchants will not have to reload all contracts.

The difference between DebiCheck debit orders and other debit orders?

The main difference between DebiCheck and traditional debit orders is the fact that consumers would need to authorise the DebiCheck Mandate Initiation Request. Traditional debit orders are also currently being processed late at night, where DebiCheck transactions would be processed early in the morning.

Why do debit orders have to be confirmed electronically?

By authorising a DebiCheck Mandate Initiation Request, both the merchant and customer will be protected. This allows for customers to be aware of the debit orders that are being processed against their accounts and merchants have the peace of mind in knowing that customers have acknowledged and authorised the debit orders being processed against their accounts.


Switch it on! - User Conference

We will be hosting our annual User Conference sessions during August and September at the following venues:

3 August 2018 – De Zalze Golf Estate, Stellenbosch
7 August 2018 – Mount Edgecombe Country Estate, Umhlanga
8 August 2018 – East London Golf Club, East London
11 & 12 September 2018 – Vaal de Gráce, Parys

Will a customer have to go into the bank branch to do a DebiCheck authorisation?

All banks will make various channels available to customers for the authorisation of DebiCheck Mandate initiation requests.   Customers who do not have access to electronic channels such as Cell phone banking or the internet, may have to go into a bank branch in order to authorise a DebiCheck mandate initiation request.  They will also be able to Authorise at the ATM.

How would your customer electronically confirm a DebiCheck transaction?

Various methods will be deployed by the participating banks which may include banking apps, internet banking, ATM’s, etc. All the relevant channels available to customers will be communicated by the relevant banks.

Have you heard about the DebiCheck technology changes?

As a NuPay merchant you are not required to make any technology changes in order to implement DebiCheck.

NuPay has ensured that the development done around DebiCheck has little to zero impact on our merchants’ current process and that the focus of the merchant remains on its business, whilst NuPay assists the merchant by collecting with confidence.

Is DebiCheck safe to use?

DebiCheck has been designed by the banks and is done in accordance with the prescribed industry standards. The system is therefore very secure. Customers’ banks will also be communicating on how confirmation of debit orders can be done in a secure electronic format.

Have you heard? We are introducing DebiCheck.

DebiCheck is an exciting new debit order platform that will replace the current EDO (AEDO and NAEDO) platforms within the Early Morning Processing windows.

Preparing for DebiCheck - a user overview

DebiCheck has become a buzzword in the payments and collections industry over the last couple of months. Collecting payments (whether it be NAEDO or AEDO) owed via debit order will now require the payer to authorise the payment before it can be processed. To business owners, this opens a host of new questions and requirements.