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Growing your personal brand

Whether you are a start up or a well-seasoned entrepreneur, personal branding is a valuable tool, both to promote and differentiate your brand. Building your personal brand also requires various elements from a website, digital marketing tools to a simple but a complex item such as your logo. From Kim Kadashian to Mark Zuckenburg, everyone was once a “normal” individual before they became world-wide leaders. As you venture through entrepreneurship, we have a few tips that could help you take your brand further.

1. Digital marketing tools
Start with your website. Creating a website that is informative, catchy, mobile-friendly and easy to navigate is one start to improving your brand. Include vital information such as your address, contact number and operational hours – it’s surprising how businesses tend to forget these details.
Use social media to be social. At least 69% of professionals are more likely to speak to a sales professional who has a professional social media presence. There are many social media channels you can use, each with their own features and engagement. What works well for one channel might not work well for the another.
• LinkedIn: Blog content, media mentions, press releases, product related content, recruitment content, events, industry related news
• Facebook: Human related posts, company culture mentions, event related posts, blogs
• Twitter: Blog, media mentions, press releases, human related posts, events, recruitment
• YouTube: Demonstration videos, interviews, brand story videos
Killer content and engaging with your audience are both  key to attracting and retaining followers.

2. Your network is your networth
Social capital or your ability to build a network of professional relationships could be your most important asset to your portfolio. Collaborating with individuals who share similar visions and value can create a foundation to give your career the boost it needs. Wonder why Microsoft is such as success? Bill Gates and Paul Allen’s love for computers partnership turned Microsoft into a billion-dollar company. There’s also Procter and Gamble who helped each other create mass quantities of their products which led to a distribution deal with the U.S. army.

3. Find a mentor
Every entrepreneur will agree that every day is different. Some days are  filled with new opportunities, some with creative solutions and sometimes rejection and setbacks. Entrepreneurs that say mentorship is not beneficial have not yet found the correct mentor for their business. Having a mentor you can trust, has proven to positively impact entrepreneurs both personally and professionally. Mentors also assist setting realistic yet achievable goals for businesses, as well as assisting in keeping your eye on the bigger picture.

Building your personal brand may take time and commitment, but the investment it worth it. It is also the one thing that can’t be taken from you.