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Guide Dog Association of South Africa

Freedom and independence mean different things to different people, but to a visually impaired person it means largely the ability to go where they like, when they like; to be able to travel to work safely on a daily basis, go shopping unaided,deposit their salary at the bank, visit friends or go to church.Unless one is visually impaired it is almost impossible to fully appreciate what it is like to live in a world of constant darkness. But most of us can imagine what it might be like. SAGA’s commitment to a guide dog extends throughout its lifetime.  It begins with the breeding and moves through into the training. The total process, depending on the breed, can last for as long as 2 to 2½ years before the dog is ready to move on to its new owner.  Most people have little idea how much further this commitment extends. After the Immediate Aftercare owners are visited on an annual basis to ensure that all is still well. Not all owners are financially in a position to cover all their new friend’s vet bills. In which case SAGA also accepts the responsibility to pay these bills … for the entire life of the dog if necessary.  With the funds raised at our annual Altech NuPay Charity Golf Day, we have been able to assist with a portion of these expenses and assist in the cost of training one of the many guide dogs at SAGA. By participating in our charity golf day, you too can be part of making a difference to someone without the gift of sight.