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NuPayGO Entrepreneur Networking Event

The NuPayGO team recently hosted a networking event for a group of entrepreneurs to gain more insight into their world.

Entrepreneurs are often faced with business and technology challenges that might seem insurmountable which in some cases leads to them closing down. With this insight in mind, NuPay invited two guest speakers, who are successful entrepreneurs, to share their stories while providing advice and practical tips on how to grow and sustain businesses.

GG Alcock is the founder of Minanawe Marketing, a leading agency in the mass market. Having grown up in a rural area he realised from an early age that there is no glamour in poverty. Thus he uses his unique skills and experience to highlight and grow informal low income mass markets in Africa. GG specifically shared his vast knowledge on the informal sector with attendees and the opportunities available. He specifically highlighted the importance of understanding the market in order to capitalise on these opportunities.

Mosidi K Seretlo is a strategic marketer, an executive business coach, workshop facilitator and a motivational speaker. She loves helping marketing teams solve strategic marketing issues, training marketers and helping teams with fine tuning their strategic planning. Mosidi shared fascinating insights on the challenges faced by entrepreneurs, the need for them to understand their networks and how to generate revenue.

We look forward to sharing some of these future success stories with you.