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Soweto Rugby Club and The Soweto Warriors Project

The Soweto Rugby Club mandate for the next 5 years is to bring back the club to the people of Soweto, affiliate with the GLRU, build club networks and most importantly, turn Soweto Rugby Club into a 100% financially self sustainable institution. Altech NuPay has played a major role over the past few years, assisting the club with expenses regarding the sponsoring and hosting of the annual Soweto Rugby Festival. The festival not only provides senior players with the opportunity to play against clubs from all over South Africa, but through the clinics provided by the club,  introduces rugby to over 10 000 students at over 100 schools.The assistance provided by Altech NuPay allows Soweto Rugby Club to provide players with transport for long distantance matches, develop a facility to host world class events, create employment and opportunities, transfer skills and eradicate poverty through the education and awareness to all  players and coaches involved.