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At Altech NuPay, the month of August has always been associated with two things – woman’s month and the annual User Conference. Extensive research is done to ensure that we provide the type of information our merchants can take with them to optimize their businesses.

After various brainstorming sessions the theme of “You have spoken, we have listened” was formulated. Merchants and the relationships we build with them has always been the cornerstone of our business.  A pro-active approach is non-negotiable and expected from each staff member in all dealings with merchants and colleagues.

This year we decided to take the conference to the merchants that usually do not have the opportunity to attend our weekend session in the Pilansberg. Contact sessions in Cape Town, Durban, Bloemfontein and Johannesburg were set up and could not have been a bigger success!

The first session in Cape Town was held at the beautiful Val de Vie Estate in Paarl. The staff of this magnificent estate truly went out of their way to make all our guests feel at home and to provide us with the perfect setting to kickstart our conference.

The conference got off to the best possible start with Sampie Pienaar sharing the simalarities of service delivery in courier companies and the service Altech NuPay offers merchants. He highlighted how each courier’s slogan can also be interpreted to fit into our drive to provide merchants with the best possible service. Attendees loved the analogies used and quite a few even took photos of slides to remember everything said.

Our next speaker was the enigmatic Dr. Eddie Stoop. He was gracious enough to offer his time and share some of the knowledge he has on the managed payment solution industry. Dr. Stoop traveled with us and was part of the group of speakers at each venue. Dr. Stoop delved a little deeper into the markets they as a company want to target and how they plan on doing that. The building industry has become a main focus for them and in order to penetrate this market they needed a product offering that caters to this market’s specific needs. This is why they came to Altech NuPay with the concept and asked us to develop a NuPay NuCard that caters specifically for this industry. After various meetings and development stages a building card was developed and Dr. Stoop and his colleagues will be launching it in the market in the near future. What was heartwarming was the fact that he was adamant that they would not be able to enter into this new venture without the help of their trusted partner – Altech NuPay. 

At the Cape Town conference, Carel van Heerden, CEO of Finbond shared some insights into their business and how Altech NuPay’s products have made an impact in their business. Coming from the finance industry he spent some time giving attendees some insight into the challenges faced by the industry today and how these challenges have necessitated financiers to examine how they conduct business.

He spent some time giving attendees a look at how income dwindles every year, and how it is becoming harder for individuals to survive in the current economic climate. Current indicators show that people will have to work longer before retiring in order to survive. The chain of events that this sets in motion culminates in people having to take out loans that they can’t afford to pay back. Risk management will have to be done more stringently and business owners will have to implement measures in order to protect themselves.

Our next session was held in Durban at the Durban Country Club. Here we had the pleasure of interacting with merchants that do not have the opportunity to attend all our events on a regular basis. Our “local” speaker for this event was John Aitken, Managing Director of the Lendcor Group.

He went on to share benchmarks with the group that he has successfully incorporated into his own business, namely determining what is positive and how to incorporate this into your business and if you drift away from what your customer wants, they will migrate to another supplier. The business landscape is changing, and we need to change with it according to John. Technology is moving at an alarming pace and to drive this point home, he shared a video of how technology has improved and expanded our world. A fascinating talk by a fascinating man!

Then we moved on to the friendly people in the Free State. Here we had the pleasure of welcoming Casper Bekker from Finance World onto the stage. He focused his presentation on the importance of working together. He reminded attendees that all of them have been in the industry a long time and that working together, discussing issues of all them experience and finding solutions together is the only way for everyone to prosper in an ever-changing environment.

Our grand finale was held on the 21st of August at the Altron TMT offices in Woodmead. This event was the biggest of the 4 and all attendees were unanimous that this was one of the most informative and insightful conferences they have attended in the secure payments solution industry.

We also had the great privilege to welcome Mr. Rob Abraham, CEO of Bytes Technologies as our main speaker for the day. Rob shared a brief overview of the group and where Altech NuPay fits into the picture with attendees.

The Product manager at Altech NuPay, Charl Kleynhans, spent some time giving attendees an in depth look at how Altech NuPay’s staff members go above and beyond to offer merchants the best possible solutions and products on the market. The example he used of the master builders in the Lego movie really hit home and almost all merchants commented on the creativity and innovation they have experienced in working with the Altech NuPay staff.

Our last speakers at each of the events were our General Manger: Technical, Keith Wrede. He started of by sharing the 6 pillars with which to build your life. Next he shifted his focus to industry issues, trends and how Altech NuPay is involved in finding answers for these issues. The theme of “you have spoken, we have listened” really came across in Keith presentation. Dealing with the “hard questions” is not always easy, but Keith handled it like a pro!  

After a long and intellectually stimulating day, delegates socialised while enjoying some delectable refreshments.