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Tips for entrepreneurs in a relationship

To be in a relationship with an entrepreneur is crazy, mind-blowing and simply not “normal”. The passion, investment and hustle that goes into an entrepreneur’s business is often a lot more than what goes into their personal relationship. Yet, if you are lucky enough to have an understanding partner that will stick it out with you,  here are a few tips on keep your business and relationship alive.

1. Manage your time
Making time for your partner can be challenging but it’s important to schedule quality time and take your partner out. Once a week spending two hours to catch up on the week might be all it takes. If you can’t make time for a relationship, why are you in one?

2. Share your doubts.
Communicate. Communicate. Communicate. Don’t let the cloud hang over for too long. No business is easy. Entrepreneurship comes with compromises and hurdles along the way. Similarly, relationships have their own challenges. Have the tough talks, it allows your partner to understand the journey and builds the trust and security your partner needs.

3. Learn to disconnect from business talk
While your business is everything that you eat, breathe and sleep. Some entrepreneurs only see “friends” if they feel there is an opportunity that might benefit the business. These types of relationships mostly never last, and likewise with your partner. Learn to change from work mode to personal mode.

4. Accepting support
Learn to say yes, and often. While access to funding is one type of support, emotional support is just as important as the pressure that comes with entrepreneurship can’t only be solved by money alone. Support comes in many forms like funding, skills training, financial advice and more. Ultimately, you know your business and the type of support you require.

While there are many articles on how to be a successful entrepreneur, few actually highlight how to balance it while in a relationship. It would be impossible to compare yourself to a “normal” couple, unless all your friends are entrepreneurs. To sum it up, couples that work together and understand each other tend to have a healthier relationship than those that don’t.